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Kinship will provide data around pet nutrition, location, activity, health and genetic health, breed info and more. Kinship and Open Pet Care Datasets, application starters and UI Frameworks can be found here: | Contact:, @heyjanalee | Sponsor Prizes:


Approaches & Tools Teams may use tools and emerging technologies such as: • Sketch, InDesign, Balsamiq, Azure, Adobe XD, etc. • Web experiences, tablets or smartphone apps • Alexa, Google Home, Siri, etc. • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing | API infomation: | Contact: | Sponsor Prizes:


Filestack is the #1 File Handling Service for Developers. Upload files into your app with 100x more reliability. Take those uploads and transform images at any URL by adding a few parameters and automatically generating a fully transformed image. Filestack provides responsive, reliable and secure delivery so that your files are delivered with unparalleled speed and control.

Simplify content tasks using Filestack Workflows, an easy to manage UI that lets you automate commands into a single API call. Add intelligence to your workflow so your content is tagged, SFW and virus free before it ever hits your app. We’ve coded in the logic so that you don’t have to. Implement all of this with just a few lines of code. | Access the tools:  | Contact:


Access the tools:, | Contact: Paolo Bernasconi, | Sponsor Prizes:


InterSystems IRIS™ is a data platform for rapidly developing and deploying applications. It includes a massively scalable multi-model database, and automated mechanisms for deployment, in a reliable, unified platform spanning data management, interoperability, transaction processing, and analytics. We are providing our FHIR server and sample patient data so that you can build a healthcare solution using a simple REST interface. InterSystems IRIS supports relational and non-relational models and can be deployed through a variety of programing languages and available for on-premises, private or public cloud-based and hybrid deployments. | Access the tools: | Contact: Evgeny Shvarov -| Sponsor Prizes: 

Snap, Inc.

Snap Kit is a collection of developer tools that help third parties build integrations with Snapchat. This collection developer libraries and APIs lets you build exciting new features for your app that Snapchatters love. Share to Snapchat’s camera, bring a user’s Bitmoji into your app, log in with Snapchat, and more! | Access the tools: | Contact: 


United Airlines

United’s NDC (New Distribution Capability) APIs enable clients to shop for and purchase travel and Ancillaries on United. Clients can shop for flights meeting their criteria (trip origin-destination, dates, cabin, etc.), shop for United ancillaries like Economy Plus extra legroom seating and United ancillary bundles, and submit payment to create bookings for their travel. United’s NDC 17.2 APIs are industry-standard SOAP XML APIs similar to those used by other prominent carriers around the world.

The list of APIs the developers will have access to are the following:
• AirShoppingRQ/RS
• OfferPriceRQ/RS
• ServiceListRQ/RS
• SeatAvailabilityRQ/RS
• OrderCreateRQ/OrderViewRS

Access to tools: | Contact: | Sponsor Prizes: 


August Home

The August API is a RESTful API that uses OAuth for authentication. The API can control smart locks that are connected to wifi bridges, keypads and doorbell cameras. Once you complete the OAuth flow and get an access token, you can do things like operating a lock, getting a WebRTC video stream from a doorbell, managing keypad PIN codes, getting an activity feed and registering for webhooks about state changes.

Access the tools: | Contact: